Hello!  Welcome to Vandi Fair – a place to chronicle my personal style and things I find colorful, delicious, whimsical & beautiful.  I’m Lauren Vandiver, a twenty-something social media marketing professional for a fashion brand, University of Texas graduate, fashion enthusiast, Disney devotee and mother to a darling black cat named Mowgli.  I’m from a small town outside of Dallas, Sunnyvale, but live in Austin, where I spend the time I’m not in the office running Town Lake, exploring new restaurants and trying DIY’s and recipes I find Pinteresting.

For my little sister and I, playing “dress up” was a part of our daily routine since I can remember and after winning an essay contest in fourth grade, I knew I wanted to write for a living.  My passions for writing and fashion grew over time and I eventually decided I wanted to write for a fashion magazine when I “grew up”.  I majored in Magazine Journalism at the University of Texas, assuming I’d move to the big apple after graduation and hunt for jobs at a fashion magazine.  But the world was changing.  And because of the growing importance of social media, I was able to combine my two loves in a career right here in the lone star state.

Although I’m not an editor for Vogue, I still devour fashion magazines each month.  To adhere to the dreams of my 9-year-old self, the name “Vandi Fair” seemed all too fitting for my blog.  So here it is.  Enjoy!


-Lauren Vandiver




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